On April 8, 2018, LifeBridge held its last Sunday Worship Service

We praise God for all He has done in and through this church

Join us Friday nights for LifeGroup



Bridging the gap from Life to Faith           and Faith to Service

At LifeBridge, we believe that Jesus means for our lives to be lived to the fullest. Our relationship with God isn't isolated to Sunday morning or the occasional religious holiday. Instead, our lives are enriched daily by the love of God in Jesus Christ.

Therefore, we come together regularly to eat good food, hang out, listen or make good music, and delve into God’s word in our world. Join us for

LifeGroups Dinner and Bible Study:

- Friday nights: 6:00 dinner, 7:00 Bible study (child care is provided)

Social events, like:
- Bar-b-que
- game nights

Service events, like:

- Habitat for Humanity
- Love I.N.C. & the Love Seat
- CRUSH Hunger

Outreach activities, like:

- Ice Cream Social
- Family Night                                                                                                                             


- Sundays at 10:30 am at the Hanover Estates Community Center.